My positions on a number of issues are defined by my experiences as an automotive industry business leader, wife, and mother. I co-own and manage Vesco Oil Corporation, my family’s 3rd generation distributorship.  Our company employs over 200 people, and 90% of our business in based in Michigan. I have the unique perspective of a job creator, rather than that of a career politician.

I was also the Co-Chairman of the Donald J. Trump for President campaign in Michigan.  Along the campaign trail, I saw firsthand how Michigan voters were inspired by his message to “Make America Great Again” and to protect our jobs with America First policies.

As a proud and unapologetic conservative, I will fight for what’s most important to the people of Michigan’s 11th congressional district:

  • Economic growth and opportunity: As a fiscal conservative, I will rein in excessive government spending, fight to reform the tax code to spur job creation and grow the economy, and let working families keep more of the money they earn.
  • High quality education: We must have an education system in place that allows all our children to succeed and gives families the flexibility to choose what works best for their families- whether it’s in high performing public schools, at private schools or homeschools, all our children deserve an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Affordable and sustainable health care: Congress must repeal and replace Obamacare, and ensure Americans have access to care at affordable rates.
  • Support for the U.S.-Israel relationship: I am staunchly pro-Israel and will work tirelessly to strengthen the relationship between our two great nations.

I will inspire our state and our country with a positive vision of the future.  We can have an America that allows every person – regardless of background – the opportunity to succeed.  I will represent every Michigan citizen as we work tirelessly to unite behind our shared ideals of freedom, safety, and opportunity for our families. I support our President, because a successful American Presidency leads to a successful America.

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